Case Study: Lead Capturing

Advisor Profile:

Joey is a young Registered Investment Advisor who aims to increase his new website’s conversion rate by 25% over the course of the new year. As a one man marketing team, he wants to optimize his website to generate more leads and traffic.

Problem Statement:

“My website has launched a little over 3 weeks now. I like keeping track of my leads and nourishing them but am in need of a strategy to help me do so. Is there a way I can capture leads and their information when they come to my site?”

Key Tools & Features Used:

  • Webform builder

  • CRMs (Redtail & Salesforce)

Solutions & Steps:


  1. To better engage website visitors and capture prospect information for identification.

  2. To track and contact leads.



  1. Joey wanted 2 webforms - one to allow prospects to get in touch with him and another to entice visitors to leave in their information in exchange for a free investment guide.

  2. Since Joey already has a Redtail account, he followed this tutorial on how to integrate his website with Redtail:

  3. He added in the fields for “Name” , “Phone” and “Email” to his Redtail webform. Keeping a webform short but sweet is the key!

  4. Once the Redtail webform was completed, he submitted a support ticket to have it linked to a button within the sidebar of his site. He called this button, “Get in Touch”. From now on, when a visitor fills in the webform, their information will automatically be stored within Joey’s Redtail CRM account.

Webform Builder:

  1. Joey also wanted a simple webform to encourage interaction between him and his visitors as a means of lead generation. As such, he used the dashboard’s webform builder to create a form which links to a free investment guide.

  2. He followed this tutorial to add in the necessary fields:

  3. Once the form was created, he contacted the support team to assist him in embedding it directly to his homepage.

  4. From now on, if anyone fills in this form, he will receive an email notification detailing the lead’s information.


Lead capture forms can be made either through the dashboard’s webform builder or via the Redtail and Salesforce integrations. Both methods provided Joey the option of selecting which fields he want included as well as track who has signed up.

Webforms can do more than simply capture lead information - it can also act as a means of enticing visitors to leave their contact details for you. By offering a free resource such as an investment guide, you can better convert a visitor into a lead and thus a loyal client.

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