Asset optimization means serving the smallest file size possible for images and videos on a website, while preserving an acceptable level of quality. Delivering optimized assets on your website is crucial to keeping the page load time to a minimum, providing a better user experience for your visitors. Well optimized assets also boost your SEO, since search engines like Google punish sites with poor load time.

Here are our recommendations for maximum file sizes for assets:

Banner Images

Maximum resolution: 72ppi

Recommended width: 2000px

Maximum file size: 400kb (use judgment to alter if quality is too low)

Regular Images

Maximum resolution: 72ppi

File size: 50-100kb

Video Banner

Maximum file size: 5MB

Maximum video length: 10s

Recommended tools



Recommended Asset Libraries


Additional Recommendations

Excessive use of embed codes and external scripts is discouraged as this will increase the number of HTTP requests your visitor’s browser has to make to display your website, ultimately hurting your page load time.

We do not recommend having people on your banner images as it may not appear correctly on smaller screens.