Note: Our campaigns integrations are currently only available for Registered Investment Advisors. If you are with a Broker Dealer and would like to use this integration, please please sign up  here.

In order to fully use Campaigns, there are three parts to complete. 

Part 1: Signing Up for Campaigns


  1. On your website dashboard, click on the Marketplace tab on the left. 

  2. If applicable to your account, Campaigns will be the first option. Click Connect

  3. Confirm billing information and purchase. Once complete, please allow some time for the integration to complete the connection. 

  4. Once connected, a Campaigns tab will appear on the left. 

Part  2: Activating Campaigns

  1. From here, you will notice a prompt to activate your account. Click on the link provided. 

  2. Enter your desired email signature and/or disclosure for the campaign emails.  

  3. Click Next

  4. Choose from the dropdown the domain (  you would like to use to send campaign emails. 
  5. Hit “Click here to set up your mailer domain”. You will receive a list of DNS records that needs to be added to your domain.  

Part 3: Connecting your Email (DNS changes)

The last part will be completed through your domain provider's end. Go to your domain provider dashboard and add the settings provided. When the changes are made, they will need to be verified. This process can take up to 24 hours. You will receive follow-up emails regarding onboarding and/or any adjustments as needed. 

If you need assistance in making these changes, email with your domain provider login credentials and we can connect these for you.

Once verified and ready, you will see an Emails Domain tab under Campaigns which will look like the below. Notice that the page confirms if your settings are verified.