There are two ways of adding contacts to your Campaigns.

Manually adding a contact

  1. On your website dashboard, click on Campaigns and choose Contacts on the submenu that opens up. 
  2. Click the Add Contact button. 
  3. Fill in the necessary information and click Submit.

Uploading a CSV file

If you have a CSV file exported from a CRM, you can also use this instead. 

  1. First, make sure that your CSV file contains the following fields: first name, last name, email address. 
  2. Next, go to your website dashboard and click on Campaigns.
  3. Choose Contacts on the submenu that opens up. 
  4. Click Import Contacts from CSV
  5. Please read the terms carefully and click the checkbox to agree.   Click Next
  6. Click Select File to open up your computer file manager. 
  7. Highlight the document and click open to choose it.
  8. Match the field from your CSV to the correct fields on your Campaigns contact.  Click Import Contacts from CSV
  9. Contacts will be added at the end of your list. 

Note: Campaigns integrate with the Force Lead Manager. This means that any new subscribers to your campaign will also appear on your Lead Manager section.