Who is this available for?

Campaigns are currently only available for Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs). If you are with a broker dealer and would like to use this feature, please fill out this signup form. 

Who provides the content?

Campaigns is a partnership with Snappy Kraken, who provides all the content for this specific feature. Note that this means content and design of the campaign emails cannot be edited by advisors or AW.

All content is FINRA reviewed, and full campaign PDFs are available for archiving purposes.

I have a Snappy Kraken account. Will it integrate or sync with Campaigns?

No. Our campaigns do not integrate or sync with pre-existing Snappy Kraken accounts. Campaigns is a simpler version of what is available with your account but the content is similar so at the moment, there will be no benefit in syncing them.

How is Campaigns different from Snappy Kraken’s normal offering?

Campaigns is the core of what Snappy does: email content. It doesn’t offer the full functionality that a separate Snappy Kraken account would provide such as landing pages, popups, social sharing, etc.

My website is currently being built by your team. Can I launch campaigns in the meantime and send emails?

No. Campaigns connect your email and website through your domain name (example.com). The technical setup in order to make this work may cause issues with the settings of your current live website so it is best to wait until your website is live.