You can login to your dashboard through the following link:

Home Page

Once you are logged in you will be brought to the homepage from this page you can access your task list by clicking on ‘Access Compliance Dashboard’ this will open up a new tab.

Here you will find your task list which contains all items submitted to be reviewed, you will also find the site directory with a list of all websites under the company. 

Reviewing Content

On the task list you can see the advisors name, time the content was submitted, company name & number of items submitted. 

First you will want to assign the content you decide to review. 

Once Assigned click on the Advisors name to review the content. 

This task list specific to the Advisor is split into 3 sections - Blocks, Menu Links & Content Items.The items that appear within these 3 sections is content that has been submitted for review by the advisors.

To review content click on the title of an item submitted for review.

New content added will be highlighted Green and Content highlighted Red has been removed

Once you’ve reviewed the content you can then Approve or Reject the content by selecting the change state option above the content. 

Select Approve or Reject from the dropdown and include a revision comment which is optional then Click Apply.