How to make our content your content

Depending on your website subscription and your affiliations you have access to a library of content. This library of content is updated every week, month or unspecified period of time depending on the criteria stated above. These articles can be used on your website and shared on social media. You can use these articles as they are originally written and you can also modify any aspect of the article you wish. Editing your articles to your needs is something we highly encourage if your search engine ranking is a priority for you. Here are some of the reasons:

  • If multiple clients use the same blog post it will not help your search engine rankings
  • Having regular unique content helps your search engine rankings. Each time your website is crawled and archived by a search engine and it sees new content, your website get a small boost in rankings

What parts of the article should you convert?

  • The title of the article is should be the first and easiest to edit
  • The main content can be trimmed down to half by using smaller paragraphs and bullet points. We write our articles with lots of content so it can be trimmed down

How do you convert the article?

  • Pick an article and save it as a draft 
  • Click quick edit at the title, type the changes and press save 
  • Click quick edit over the main body of text, do the edits and press save 
  • Once you are happy with the changes and you want the article on your website press publish or submit to compliance.

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