Big website design no no’s

There are some website design updates that may sound good at the time, may have looked better in your mine or you thought “this will catch someone's eye” and it dreadful on your website. Here are few updates you should avoid:

Multiple Font Size, Styles and Colors

Highlighting portions of text in different colors and sizes that does not match the overall branding of the site is one of the easiest ways to erase 50% of your website's credibility. Website design and branding is all about consistency. I understand why people want to highlight a piece of content to make it stand out, the problem is that you highlight how awful the contrasting text looks on your carefully constructed site. If you want to highlight text make it bold, make it a h2 or h3, underline it but do not make it florescent green and comic sans.

Low Quality Images

You have built a new website, everything looks crisp, professional and your profile picture is a badly cropped photos that is extremely pixelated. If you do not have a professional headshot you are better not having no image of you on your site until you do.

Using Uncomplimentary Colors

Your business should have 1 - 2 branding colors: 1) Your primary color and 2) Secondary color. The primary color would be used for background of sections and page title colors. Secondary colors are used for links and buttons. What can happen is that a 2nd or 3rd color is picked that completely clashes with the branding of the site.

If you need a 2nd or 3rd color use a website like to find out what the compliments your primary color. So if your primary color is #00008b, put that code in the search bar, scroll down to color schemes and you will see the colors that work well with that primary color, in this case #8b8b00 is the complementary color and this is the color you would use for links, buttons etc.

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