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CSS Guide - 2. Blocks


This section lists blocks alphabetically by the module they belong to. Only some commonly-themed blocks are listed here. IDs for additional blocks can be found by examining the page source.

2.1 Adding borders and margins to blocks

Since some blocks use the grid classes, you should not add borders or margins to the div.block element. Instead you can add them to the div.block-inner element. You are free to add padding to the div.block element.

#block-example-block_1 .block-inner {
border: 1px solid black;

note: an example code how to set the border to the div.block element.


#block-menu-primary-links {

note: This block contains the rendered primary links menu


#block-menu-secondary-links {

note: this block contains the rendered secondary links menu


#block-views-Banner-block_2 {

note: this block contains the custom banner for the current page


#block-views-Logo-block_1 {

note: this block contains the custom logo for the site

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