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Dropdown menu - What is it & How to Add it


What is a dropdown menu?

In this article, you will learn how to activate a dropdown menu.

A dropdown menu is essentially an option to categorize and condense navigation items such that the parent would consist of multiple children items. These items are visually represented through mouse hovering. For example, if you have a tab called About on your website that lists all of your team members, and that you would like it so the website displays each team members individually in a dropdown as well, then this feature can be useful for you. In other words, you would have About (Parent item), and Person A, Person B, Person C (Children items) as dropdown options to About.

For a visual example, please check out http://www.clearviewfinancialgroup.com/ and hover over About.


How do I have it on my website?

If you would like to activate the dropdown menu on your website, you probably want to learn how to add these child menu items yourself. Suppose you have an Abouttab already established on your website, and that you would like to create a page that would be its child – namely, My Background – on your website.

Start by navigating over to Content tab at the top of the website on the blue toolbar, and locate the Add Content button. From there, you want to create a New Page and that would take you to a page editor. Enter appropriate title and body for the page, and before you hit Save, scroll down to the bottom to find a tab called Add to Menu that is by default set to <None>. You want to select that dropdown and hit Primary Links (1 – fig. 1)Now, click on the right arrow to “clip” this new page you are creating beneath the About tab (2 – fig. 1)

Go back to view and edit your website. You will not see any effect despite what you just did. This is fine. At this point, your work is done (unless you want to create more sub-menu items). Please submit a request to our support team by clicking the Support tab at the top, and one of our team members will be able to activate, style, and finalize the menu for you.


Figure 1

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