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How Do I Save Changes I've Made to My Content?


When you make a change to your content (pages, team members, blog posts, etc.), it's vital to save those changes to see them put into effect.

Saving Changes to Dashboard Tabs

Under the tabs of your dashboard, there is simply a Save button to save your changes. Under Company, Design, Statistics, and Extras, you can make changes between all the sub-menu tabs and then a single click of the Save button at the top right will save all those tabs. The Settings tab is a single page, also with a Save button at the top right.

Saving Changes to Individual Content Items

 The exception to this is the Content tab. Individual content items (pages, blog posts, team members, etc.) are saved on the page where you edit them. This save function has three options: Save Draft, Publish, and Preview

Publish updates the changes immediately, but Save Draft makes a draft version of the page in case you'd like to continue editing it later before publishing. 

Preview will show you what the page would currently look like to users (this is a recommended step every time you are creating or editing content). 

Note: If you are under the jurisdiction of a compliance board, you will see a Save and submit to compliance button instead of Publish. When you click this, it just means that you are ready for the changes to go live and they will automatically do so once compliance approves them.


If you have any more questions, feel free to submit a support request here.

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