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How Do I Configure My Domain to Point to My Website?


Before You Start

Do you already own a domain name? If not, please read our article on where to purchase one.

Have you already configured your DNS records? If yes, login to your dashboard and add your domain via the Extras page.

Simple Instructions (One Domain)

Your domain registrar (the website you purchased your domain name from) should provide you a control panel where you can login to make the changes required. If you do not know your login information, you will need to contact your registrar to assist you.

For these instructions, we will use the domain example.com, for each instruction replace example.com with the domain you registered.

Pre-existing Domains (Important!)

Advisor Websites does not accept responsibility for any damage, disruption, or loss caused by Domain Name System changes.

Ensure you do not change your domain's NS (nameserver) or MX (mail exchange) records or you could experience disruption to email service on your domain. Likewise, be careful of using redirection or forwarding settings. If you are unsure which settings you should use, please contact your registrar for assistance.

Advisor Websites does not provide email services.

DNS Configuration


  1. Navigate to your registrar's DNS manager
  2. Add or change the A (host) record for @ or example.com to point to the IP
  3. Add or change the A record for www or www.example.com to point to the IP
  4. Save and commit your changes
  5. Login to your Advisor Website dashboard and add your domain via the Extras page


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