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What is the Periodical Content Library and How Do I Utilize It On My Website?


The Periodical Content Library is a newer feature we offer that helps you populate the content on your website. There are a number of articles on retirement and financial planning from an American perspective that you can add to your website. 

We release a complimentary article each month, or for an extra $20/month, you can subscribe to our Premium Article database. This includes access to over 20 published articles as well as 4 brand new articles every month. If you feature a blog on your website, this is a fantastic way to keep it booming!

Here's how to integrate the Periodical Content Library:

STEP 1: Log in to your website dashboard (if you don't know how to do that, click here). Click on the Content tab to the left, then on Periodical Content Library


STEP 2: You'll see a list of available articles. Those who are subscribed will also have access to Premium Articles

You can add the article to your website as a New Blog Post as default or select New Page from the drop down menu.

We highly recommend adding it as a new blog as this is way easier to do and heightens your web presence. By clicking New Blog Post, you'll be brought to the new blog post page and can finish it the way you would any blog post. (If you want to know more about adding a blog post, click here.)

However, if you wish to add the content to your website as a page, click New Page. You will then complete this page as you would any other page. (If you want to know more about adding a page to your website, click here.)

**NOTE: You may see "All of this content is pre-approved by your compliance department, and can be instantly added to your website." in blue at the top of the Periodical Content Library page. If so, it means your compliance board has pre-approved any of these articles for publishing and clicking the New Blog Post or New Page buttons will automatically publish the content without allowing you to edit it. **


From there, you'd have to either link the page somewhere on your website (more about that here) or add the page as a menu item (more about that here).

Once you've added the content, you're good to go.


If you have any more questions, feel free to submit a support request here.

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