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How Do I Insert an Image On a Page?


STEP 1: First, you want to make sure you are logged in to the website. If you are unsure how to log in, click here. Once you are in the dashboard, navigate to the Edit Site button at the top left of the dashboard.


STEP 2: Navigate to the content you'd like to add an image to and click Edit Current (or Customize if you've never edited the content before).


STEP 3: Use the cursor to select a spot for the image within the editor and then click the Image icon at the top right.


STEP 4: Select Browse Server to open up the files on your website



 STEP 5: You can either upload an image from your computer by selecting Upload --> Choose File or select one that's already in your website's File Browser.


STEP 6 (OPTIONAL): If you are uploading an image from your computer, select it first and then be sure to click the Upload button to upload it to your website's file server.


STEP 7: You can select the image from your browser by doubling clicking it or pressing Insert file when the image is selected.


STEP 8: The Image Properties window now appears. You can resize the image by modifying either the Width or Height attributes. If the padlock is locked, the ratios will automatically adjust to keep the image to scale. 

Add in HSpace to put padding around the image to separate it from text.

You can also choose the alignment of the image by setting the Alignment attribute. We recommend left.

Once you are done press OK, then press Save as Draft to view the page on the website.


STEP 9: The page is now is draft. Navigate to it and confirm that you are happy with the placement of the image. Finally, click Edit Current to quickly go into the edit interface, then click Publish at the top right to finalize the edits.



If you have any more questions, feel free to submit a support request here.

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