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How Do I Use the Background Editor?


The background editor is a handy tool for making simple background style changes on your website. With the background editor, you can add a background image or change the background colour of a specific region on your website.

Note: At this time, the background editor only supports images or solid background colours. If you have a gradient background, the gradient will be lost when changes are made with the background editor.

Here's a simple tutorial for using the background editor:

STEP 1: Log in to your website (if you don't know how to do this, click here). Once in the dashboard, click Edit Site at the top left. When you hover over the regions of your home page, you'll notice a square surround particular region and, if you move your mouse to the top right corner of this region, you'll see a small picture frame with two mountains and a moon appear. If you click on this picture frame, the background editor will expand from the right side.

Once the background editor is open, you'll see the first section is for inserting a background image, the second is for changing the colour, and finally you can click to Save changes at the bottom.

STEP 2: First, we'll change the background colour of the header to blue. We first selected the picture frame button at the top right of the header. You can choose the colour by finding it on the colour wheel under the Background colour section. Once you've found a colour you're happy with, you can click Save changes

STEP 3: Now we will insert an image as a background. In this example, we are going to use a simple background pattern image for the header. Once you've opened the background editor, you'll notice that all the images you've uploaded to your website will appear as a scroll-able list within the Select new background image section. You can choose one of these or upload a new image by clicking the Upload Image button.

If you've uploaded a new image it will appear at the top of this list. It's also possible to insert an image from an external website's URL by selecting From URL then pasting the URL, but I'd always recommend uploading the image if you can.

If you just want to upload a single image as the background, you can select your image from this list and then save the changes for it to take effect. If you want your image to repeat, however, (which is common for patterns), you'll want to click on the Advanced Settings.

In Advanced Settings, you'll want to setup the pattern image to repeat. Typically, just selecting repeat will do this (as it repeats horizontally and vertically). You may only want to repeat it one of those ways though, which you can also select. Once you've made a selection, click Save changes.


If you're ever unhappy with your background changes, you can contact our support team to have them reversed by submitting a support request here.

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