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How do I Add a Featured Image to My Blog Post ?


The Featured Image function allows you to upload a specific image that will be displayed on your social media post in conjunction with the title and teaser of the blog post your are promoting.

Step 1: Select the blog post you would like to add the featured image to. 

Step 2: Click "Edit Latest" to access the content editor. 


Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the content editor to the Featured image section.



Step 4: Select "Choose File" to open the file browser on your computer and select the image you want to use. With the image selected press "Upload". 

Step 5: The image is now in place so press "Publish". 


Step 6: If you have social media share links enabled on your blog, you will now be prompted to share your article. Select the social media platform you want to share the article on.

In the pop provided by the social media platform you will see the image that you selected that will be used in conjunction with the title and teaser used to promote the article.

Additional Information: In conjunction with Selecting a image form your computer there is also an option to select a image from your "File browser" which are all the files stored on your website already. So if you have a image already uploaded on to your website you can select it through here.

The other option is the "Remote URL" which allows you to copy and paste a image link from your website or from another website. Please note that using a image from another site may be copyright infringement. 

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