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Case Study #1: Joey Advisor Adds a Blog to His Website to Gain More Traffic


“Your website has been launched and it is now live! Congratulations Joey Advisor!”

Joey Advisor has been anticipating this very moment for awhile and is now beaming with joy.His site has recently been launched and now appears live!

It’s definitely a feeling of sheer bliss and excitement to have your very own website reflect your financial firm and its brand identity. But the real question is, now what?

Alike many other financial advisors, Joey Advisor decided to get a website to further promote his company and its services. “Ultimately, I would like to gain more traffic to my site. It’s a bit slow at the moment.” Joey states.


Since Joey Advisor’s website has recently gone live, it’s natural for it to have a slow start in terms of receiving a large amount of traffic. A good way to drive more traffic to your website is to provide fresh, new content on a regular basis. This provides an excellent incentive for web users to visit your site. Given this helpful tip, Joey Advisor starts exploring the blog section of his website’s dashboard.

After several days of posting up his new blog, Joey Advisor logs into his dashboard to find the number on his traffic counter has increased substantially. As a matter of fact, companies that blog more often have 55% more website visitors than ones that don’t and 57% of marketers acquire customers from blogging.

In no time, Joey Advisor gains interest in learning more ways to increase his traffic by providing informative and entertaining content to his blog. In midst of searching for more resources, he stumbles upon the content library located at AdvisorWebsites.com which provides blog articles that advisors can use straight out of the box or can modify to suit their needs.

In the end, Joey Advisor not only has a beautiful website but one that is effective in promoting itself and his financial firm. Happy blogging!

Key Facts:

  • Companies that blog more have 55% more website visitors
  • 57% of marketers acquired customers from blogging
  • AdvisorWebsites.com provides a content library of blog articles that advisors can use straight out of the box or modify to suit their needs
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