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How Do I Create a Landing Page?


*Note: Landing pages are an add on, available for $25 per month. If you would like to activate landing pages on your account, please submit us a ticket.

First off, what is a landing page you may ask? As its name suggests, it's a webpage that your visitors can "land" on or arrive at. A landing page is different from a regular page as it provides a standalone web page distinct from the main website. In short, a landing page is designed for a single focused objective (ex: to fill out a form in order to receive a free eBook). 

Some other benefits of a landing page include lead generation and gaining traffic.

Here is a step by step tutorial to help you create your very own landing page. 

STEP 1: Log in to your website dashboard (if you don't know how to do that, click here) and click on the Content tab to the left.

STEP 2: Select Forms from the Content sub-menu and click the New Landing Page button at the top right. 

STEP 3: Now you are able to create the content for your landing page. 

  • in the title field, insert the title you would like for the landing page (ex: Generating Leads: Latest eBook Download)
  • populate the content field with a description of the landing page or what the function of your landing page is (ex: Information about the eBook)
  • *Please Note: Content in this field will be displayed in the left column of the landing page* 

STEP 4: Scroll down to add an image to your landing page. In the image section, select choose file. Once chosen, click upload

*Please Note: Images will appear in the second column of the landing page*

STEP 5: Finally, select Publish to publish your landing page.

This will take approximately 20 minutes to update on the live site. Once this time period has passed, ensure you clear your cache and refresh your browser when reviewing your live landing page. 

STEP 6: After selecting the publish button, you will be brought to view your live landing page. 

From here, you may wish to edit the webform that appears in the third/last column on the landing page. Click here for a tutorial on how to edit a webform.


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