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How to view Recent Updates (Non-Compliance and Compliance)


Recent Updates provide information on the status of any content on your website. It is color coded to be easily identified under the Status. Please scroll down to view the various statuses.

STEP 1: Log in to your website dashboard (if you don't know how to do that, click here) and click on the Content tab to the left. Select Recent Updates


The categories include:

  • DRAFT MODE (Blue) – Updates with this icon represents changes which have been made on the website dashboard editor, but have not been updated onto your live website. This is a great way of trying out new ideas, or to get a second opinion before send your content
  • APPROVED (Green) – This signifies the content has been sent to become published on your website.* To view how to your website will look when the live update has been made type in "/preview" at the end of your URL.

Note*: It can take a minimum of 20 minutes to update on your live website

  • REMOVED (Red) – This means the content has been deleted from the live/editor website. The content will still remain on our systems. If you require a content to be full removed, please send us a support ticket detailing which file to remove.

Compliance Based Status:

If you are registered with our one-click compliance feature, there are two other categories available.

  • UNDER REVIEW (Orange)  - Anything Under Review has been sent to your compliance broker/dealer to be review before being published. Any content edit (even one word!) must be sent to compliance for review. Once the review has been completed, the status will change to APPROVED (Green) or REJECTED(Red)
  • REJECTED (Red)– This represent your content has been reviewed, and not approved by your compliance. You will need to view the workflow comments in regards to the reason. To learn how to access the workflow comments, Click Here. After performing the appropriate changes, you can resubmit the content to your compliance broker/dealer


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