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How Can I Use Content to Help My SEO?


Many factors influence how search engines rank websites for different searches, but according to Google themselves, “Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors” In other words, if your website has useful, well-written content, visitors will notice and want to spread the word. Have you ever shared an article you found interesting on LinkedIn? Having your content shared by your website visitors helps your website build credibility both with users and with search engines.

How do I create content?

The easiest way to create organized, shareable content is by blogging. Every Advisor Website comes with the ability to blog and adding yours to your website’s navigation only takes about 30 seconds.

Now that you’ve got your blog accessible to your website visitors, it’s time to add content to it. Create an editorial calendar to help you organize what content to publish when. If you are having trouble thinking of what to write about consider your client’s frequently asked questions or a relevant topic in the news. You can also use the Advisor Websites Periodical Content Library. Article content can be customized by you before publishing, so there is still an opportunity to make the content unique.

What should my content look like?

Google’s Best Practices for content are pretty straight forward. If you try and trick search engines into ranking your content highly, the results (or lack thereof) will not be in your favour! Here are a few tips for optimized content:

  • Write for your target audience. Use language and terminology appropriate for the people you want to be reading and sharing your articles
  • Organize your articles with titles and sub-headings
  • Focus on creating new content rather than recycling. It is okay to revisit topics, but make sure you are adding something new that will give added value to your readers
  • Proofread your content. Readers will not want to share an article full of spelling and grammar mistakes. Search engines also notice these types of errors and will penalize you for them

So you’re telling me if I start a blog my website will suddenly rank higher in searches?

Well, not exactly. SEO is a process that encompasses many factors, but most importantly, time. Search engines are busy, they have a lot of websites to crawl through! Changes to your website, be it adding content or back-end changes to HTML structure, take time and consistent work to be recognized.

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