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How To Add A Favicon On My Website?


A favicon is an small icon displayed in a browsers', address bar, beside a websites name in a browsers' tabs, or on the site name in a bookmark list. 

Here is how to add a favicon for your website:

STEP 1: Find an image you would like to have as a Favicon. The image for a favicon is for the dimensions (width x height) to produce a square. 


STEP 2: Go to the website http://www.favicon.co.uk/ . The image you chose will need to be converted into a Favicon. Upload the image, then click on the Generate Favicon. Next, click on the link Download Your Favicon Here and save the icon.



Step 3: Log into your website Dashboard and click the on the Design Tab on the left, then click on the Advance tab. 



Step 4: Scroll down until you see Shortcut Icon. Choose the Favicon downloaded previously and click Upload, then Save. 



Step 5: Click on Edit Site to see your favicon in the top of your tab section. 

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