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FAQs: Website Administration


Q:  Why do Advisor Websites and Google Analytics show different statistics?

A: Advisor Websites' statistics are filtered to not include any hits coming from our IP address/office and it also filters out any known bots or spiders. This means that Advisor Websites' statistics will always be less than Google Analytics', but it is also more accurate.


Q: I would like to discuss some changes I would like made to my website. Is there someone I can reach to conduct a short meeting with?

A: Schedule a support meeting at this link and we will reach out to you at your available time slot.


Q: On my dashboard, I see I have generated some leads. How can I see who these leads are?

A: For privacy reasons, we cannot store the names of the leads generated. Any lead generated through a form in our platform is sent to your email inbox. If you have integrated with Redtail or Salesforce, the lead has been sent to those accounts. We cannot track any third party forms.


Q: I was viewing my website statistics in the “top content” section of my dashboard and noticed that my top content is “<front>” or “/”. What does this mean?

A: If your top content is denoted as “<front>” or “/”, this refers to your website’s homepage. For instance, if you enter in the url “yourwebsite.com/” and hit search in your website browser, this will lead to your website’s main page. Thus, the homepage is the top content and most viewed page of your website.


Q: I was unable to create a ticket in the “need help” section of my dashboard. Instead, it led me to a page stating I was an unauthorized user. How can I submit a ticket through my dashboard?

A: This is a common issue that occurs when there is a conflict between the username and email address of the website (e.g. usually happens when there was a recent update to either the username or email address of the account). In this case you can send in a ticket by emailing support at support@advisorwebsites.com.


Q: Is it possible to have more than one email address login to my website’s dashboard?

A: There can only be one email address login for your dashboard. If you would like to modify this email address login, please contact support here.

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