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Why didn't I receive an email notification from my webform?


Webforms built on our platform are designed to send an email notification any time the form is submitted. If you know the form has been submitted, but did not see an email, there are a few steps you can take to ensure all the settings are correct for you to receive the emails.

STEP 1: Check your email’s junk or spam folder. Sometimes automatically generated emails can be filtered into junk by default, so do a search in these folders for “no-reply@advisorwebsites.com”. If you find the email, be sure to mark it “Not Junk” so future emails will be delivered to your inbox.

STEP 2: Ensure the form settings are correct and actually sending you emails. In your website dashboard, click to Content, then Forms. Click Edit next to the form you wish to check the settings for and then Webform and E-mails.

If you see the messageCurrently not sending e-mails, add an e-mail recipient below” this means the form is not set to send any notifications. Add your email in the Address box and click Add and follow to the confirmation page. Be sure to enter your email in all lowercase letters and without any extra spaces.

If you see your email listed, click Edit under Operations. Ensure there are no misspellings, uppercase letters or extra spaces before or after your email.

If you see "Value of 'Advisor Email'" emails are being sent to the email address in the Settings section of the dashboard.

Once you make a correction, be sure to logout of your website and send a test submission.

If you have completed these troubleshooting steps, but still are not receiving notification emails, please submit a support ticket to notify our team.


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