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Q: When will my website updates be approved by compliance?

A: The amount of time to which website updates receive compliance approval varies. The best solution to speed up the review process and thus gain approval from compliance is to directly contact your compliance officer. Once approved, you will receive an email confirmation from us. If you have received compliance approval but are having difficulties viewing the updates, please contact our support team here.


Q: Does Advisor Websites provide blog/article content that financial advisors can use on their websites?

A: Yes, we do! The periodical content library, located directly on your dashboard in the content section, provides advisors with pre-written and pre-approved complimentary articles each month. These articles are centered around topics such as retirement and financial planning from an American perspective or a Canadian perspective (if you so choose). Videos are also available in this periodical content library.


Q: I just published an update. How come I can’t see it on the live site yet?

A: All updates made take approximately 20 minutes to process and appear live on the website. After this time, please ensure you clear your cache and refresh your browser. Here is an article on how to clear your browser’s cache. If you have received compliance approval but are having difficulties viewing the updates, please contact our support team here.


Q: I just published my first blog entry but I cannot find it anywhere on my live site. Am I missing a step? 

A: When you posting a blog on your website for the first time, it is important to not only know how to create a new blog through the dashboard but also to create a call to action or a menu item on the navigation bar so that people can locate your blog page. To first create a blog page that list all your blog posts automatically, click here. Then, to create a menu item on your navigation bar that leads to this blog page, click here to learn how to do so. 


Q: How can I add a new block to my homepage?

A: Adding blocks is a fairly more advanced update to do and we often recommend advisors to contact the support team for assistance because of so. To receive assistance, please send a support ticket outlining where you would like the block to be placed as well as the content you would like included within this block.


Q: I wasn’t able to upload a file to the manage file section of my dashboard. Instead, I received a message stating that I have exceeded the maximum amount of files to be added. What can I do to enlarge my storage?

A: There are two options to solve this issue. First, you may wish to delete any unnecessary files in the manage files section to create more space in your storage. Alternatively, you can purchase 1 more gigabyte of data for $10 per month added onto your subscription fee. If you wish to opt for the later option, please contact support at 1-866-638-0273 or submit a ticket here.


Q: Who is the author of the articles in the periodical content library section?

A: All content in the periodical content library section is provided by Richard Best.


Q: What is the difference between creating a landing page and a new page?

A: A landing page is different from a regular page as it provides a standalone web page distinct from the main website. In short, a landing page is designed for a single focused objective (ex: to fill out a form in order to receive a free eBook). Some other benefits of a landing page include lead generation and gaining traffic. Learn how to create a landing page here.

If you would like to learn how to create a regular page, click here.

Please also note that landing pages are an add on, available for $25 per month. If you would like to activate landing pages on your account, please submit us a ticket.


Q: How do I know when someone has filled out a webform on my website?

A: When a webform is submitted on your website an email is automatically generated and sent to the email attached to the webform.

If your form is connected to your CRM using the Redtail or Salesforce integration, the lead information is stored in your CRM.

If you know your form has been submitted, but did not receive a notification, follow these troubleshooting steps.


Q: How can I add a webform as a block on my website? 

A: A webform can either be added as a block through our Redtail integration or through one of our default webform blocks located in the block layout section of the dashboard (e.g. Contact Us form). 


Q: I just submitted my content for review by compliance. How come I can't go back in to make additional edits? 

A: Once you have submitted a page or a block to be reviewed, you will notice that the "edit block" or "edit latest" button will be gone. This is because the content is being review by compliance and thus changing any content will conflict with the review process on your compliance's end. Anything in review status cannot be changed. Instead, contact support and we can set the page or block back as a draft. 


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