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FAQs: Site Live


Congratulations, your website is live! You are probably thinking “the hard work is over, right?” Well, sort of. Your website is like play-doh, it should be constantly molded and changed over time to meet your specific needs and goals. You put in a lot of work to get your website up and running, don’t let it go to waste. Below are some questions to consider when beginning the maintenance stage of your online presence. As always, if you need more information or have questions about any of the below items, get in touch with our team.

I need help getting something updated on my website, who do I contact?

Once your website is live you will be working with our *awesome* support team to help you with any questions or maintenance of the website. They can be reached by submitting a ticket through your website’s dashboard.

Where can I learn more about the dashboard?

Our Knowledge Base is the best resource for learning about the dashboard. Here you will find tutorial articles for many tasks on the website. Keep in mind, every website is different so some content on your website may be arranged or built in a different way than the knowledge base articles show. If you are ever unsure of how to update an aspect of your website, definitely contact our team and we can help you make the update.

Can I get training on how to use the dashboard?

Yes! Dashboard Training webinars are held every week at 10am PST. You can register for a session here. Can’t make a live webinar? Watch a recording of a previous session here.

When will my website appear in Google searches?

This answer varies depending on a few factors. The first step in appearing in searches is to have your website indexed by Google. This is a process that can take some time (a couple weeks or even a month). Once your site is indexed, you can expect to start appearing in specific searches for your brand like when someone searches for your business’ name on Google. Appearing in more general searches that don’t include your brand can take much more time and are dependant on many SEO (search engine optimization) factors such as well maintained and updated content. You can learn more about maintaining your SEO in this article.

How can I promote my website?

There are several things you can do to promote your website. First off, let your clients know! Make sure you place a link to your website in your email signature and tell clients about it in your meetings. Mention it in the next issue of your newsletter or make an announcement on you social media. If your clients know about it, they may be more likely to direct a friend there as a referral.

I like the way my website looks now, why would I keep changing it?

When we say “keep your website updated” what we are really referring to is the addition of valuable content, not the modification of current content. Search engines pick up on fresh pieces of content that are well written, structured and valuable to your target audience. Simply updating your biography constantly or rewording text on a page won’t help your SEO, but consistently blogging and providing new content probably will. Learn more about using content for your SEO here.

What are some tools I should be using in addition to my website?

There are many tools which can help you more efficiently maintain and monitor your online presence. Here are just a few:

  • Google Analyics: This statistics tool can help you track in detail the traffic to your website. You can set goals, filters and events to track specific progress of certain pages. Learn more.
  • Google My Business: While you are waiting for Google to index your website, sign up for Google My Business. This will help you build validity with Google and control what results appear when someone searches directly for your business. Learn more.
  • Hootsuite: If you are posting blog content on a regular basis and are looking to up your social media presence, our Hootsuite integration is a great way to get your blog content automatically shared on social media. Learn more.
  • Advizr Express: Add an embeddable retirement survey to your website to help generate leads and connect with prospects. Learn more.

Please note that for security reasons Advisor Websites cannot access or set up any of these tools or accounts for you. However, all these companies have great knowledge bases of their own to help you out.

It will take some time to get into the habit of updating your website often, but our support team is happy to help with any questions.


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