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How Do I Complete a Domain Name Transfer and Release?


To get your site up and running in no time, it is important to ensure that you have control over your domain name.

Listed are 3 scenarios that you may encounter when attempting to complete a domain name transfer and release. 

If you:

  1. Have an existing website: contact your existing website service provider, designer or marketing firm that assisted with the development of your existing site to know who owns the domain.
  2. Are developing a new website with Advisor Websites: You need to purchase your domain name through a domain registrar (we recommend GoDaddy.com) and configure this domain to point to your website hosted by us. 
  3. Have an existing website and are having trouble tracking down credentials or acquiring ownership, check out these tips below:
    • Reach out to the support team of the domain name provider that you have purchased it from, and they will be able to assist you with finding out these credentials.
    • If your domain name is controlled by another party such as your current website service provider, you might need to ask them for the Domain Name Release for you to obtain access to your domain name.
      • (Please note that there might be additional costs associated with that, depending on the terms and conditions signed with your current website service provider)
      • For all Broadridge/ Emerald clients wishing to obtain a Domain Name Relese, please go here


Generally, after the Domain Name Release request you will be provided with the EPP code / authorization code which you will be able to use to transfer your domain name to a Domain Registrar of your choice.

(We recommend using GoDaddy as a registrar of your choice. Please note in no way we are affiliated with GoDaddy but from our experience they are an overall amazing service provider with strong 24/7 support team.)


Once you have the EPP code / authorization code you will need to create an account with the Domain Registrar of your choice and contact them to assist you with the transfer.



If you chose to transfer your domain name to GoDaddy you can follow their simple transfer procedure here

Please note it does take few business days to complete the transfer of the domain name.

If you have any questions or need assistance with this process do not hesitate to contact our amazing Customer Success team.

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