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Classic Platform



  1. Navigate to manage menu under quick links
  2. Add Item
  3. Type FAQ into Path
  4. Type FAQ in menu link
  5. Select Save
  6. Position FAQ item
  7. Save Menu Configuration
  8. Navigate to FAQs under content. (If not available email
  9. Select New FAQ
  10. Enter question
  11. Enter Answer
  12. Save as Draft to review
  13. Return to edit and Publish or Save and Submit to Compliance


Reorder FAQ's


  1. Under content select FAQ
  2. Drag and drop
  3. Select Save


Force Platform


  1. Check Apps section
  2. Click Content > FAQ tab
  3. Click "Add New" button
  4. Insert all necessary content
  5. Select Save and Publish

 Email for more information!