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Classic Platform

If you have a MarketingPro account, you can integrate it with your website to add MarketingPro articles as blog entries. This integration involves both the MarketingPro dashboard and the Advisor Websites dashboard.

To learn more about what the MarketingPro integration is and what the benefits are, click here.

STEP 1: In your MarketingPro dashboard click Settings, then CRM Integrations and Advisor Websites.

STEP 2: Click Enable Advisor Websites Integration and copy the Integration Code. You will be pasting this code into the Advisor Websites Dashboard.

STEP 3: Log into your Advisor Websites dashboard and click on the Extras tab, then on MarketingPro. Paste in the Integration Code you copied from MarketingPro into the Integration Code box and click Save. Your MarketingPro account is now connected to your website. The next section shows how to import content from MarketingPro and post it onto your website.

STEP 4: In your MarketingPro dashboard navigate to the article you would like to post on your website. At the bottom of the article click Add to Advisor Websites. Your selected article can now be found in your Advisor Websites Dashboard.

STEP 5: To post this imported article, go back to your Advisor Websites Dashboard and click on Content then MarketingPro.

STEP 6: Next to the title of the article you'd like to add click New Blog Entry. On the text editor page you can add tags to the article or edit its content (optional) and then click Publish

*Note: Once the article is published from the Advisor Websites Dashboard a blog entry is created in the Blog Posts section of the Content menu. If you wish to further edit the MarketingPro Article after publishing, you will do so under Blog Posts.

Force Platform

Coming Soon To Force. Email for more information!