Rejected - This means your content has been rejected by your compliance department because it contains content that will never be approved. When the page is Rejected you are unable to edit it. If you want to get access to the page please contact support

Approved - The content you submitted to compliance has been Approved and it now appears on the website

Review - When you submit a piece of content to compliance to be reviewed the content will be in the review state until it is approved, rejected or set back to draft. When a piece of content is in Review it cannot be modified until it is approved or sent back to draft. Please note that the new content that is in Review will not show up on the website until it is approved

Draft - When you create a new piece of content or edit an existing piece of content and you press the "Save as Draft" button the updates are saved but it is not live. If a piece of content goes from Review to Draft it means your compliance officer has not approved the content and has left notes on the changes needed so it can be resubmitted and approved