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Classic Platform

If you've made an update and it's been sent to your compliance department, but it hasn't been approved yet, maybe you want to check on the Workflow state of the update. Here's how:

STEP 1: Log in to your website dashboard and click on Edit Site

STEP 2: Navigate your way to the page in question and click on the Workflow tab that appears at the top of the page's content.

STEP 3: You will now be able to see the workflow of the page dating back to the day the page was created. Each row in the Workflow History marks a time when the workflow has been changed. Content can be in DRAFT, under REVIEW, or APPROVED

You'll notice that each workflow change details a Date (date the change was made), Old State (state it was in before the change), New State (state it was put into), By (the user who changed the state), and Comment (where compliance will detail any reasons for rejecting content).

While content is in DRAFT, you have access to edit it as you desire without the changes appearing live on the website. When you've sent the content off to compliance, it'll be in REVIEW mode, meaning that compliance is currently reviewing the content and will either approve the content or put it back in draft (in which case they should populate the content section with the reason for rejection). The latest APPROVED version of a page will be the live version on the website.

Force Platform

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