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Classic Platform

Creating blog content is just as imperative as sharing it! After all, marketing and driving traffic is essential to a successful website. But ever wonder how you can promote your blog through all of your social media at once? Thankfully, with Hootsuite, sharing content can be as simple as a mouse click away!

In general, Hootsuite is a social media management system that allows users to simultaneously send a message to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other social networks. Hootsuite will automatically read your blog's RSS feed allowing your blog link to be sent out to any social media. Here is how to integrate Hootsuite with your website's blog:

STEP 1: Log in to your website dashboard and click on the Extras tab located on the left menu bar.  

STEP 2: Select Hootsuite and copy the URL/RSS link provided under the Hootsuite logo (this URL/RSS link is specific to your blog). Finally click on the Hootsuite Login button. 

STEP 3: A new tab will open with the login Hootsuite page. If you are already a member, enter in your associated email and password. If not, select create a new account

STEP 4: Once successfully logged in, you will enter into the Hootsuite dashboard. Select the gear wheel (settings) button on the left menu bar and click RSS/ATOM on the sub-menu. 

STEP 5: In the pop-up box that appears, click on the +icon (add new feed)

STEP 6: Once a new pop-up box displays, paste in the URL/RSS link you have previously copied under Feed/URL.

  • Select the network that you want to send the feed item to such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

  • Choose how often new blog posts will be checked.

  • Select how many blog posts to send to your network per check.

  • You can also include a text preview by selecting the check box for text from posts in messages and/or hide the link preview from your blog post by selecting the check box to hide link preview on social networks.

  • Send a prewritten message such as a hashtag along with your posts if wanted by filling in the prepend text to each message text box.

  • Shorten your URL by selecting a provider in the drop-down menu below.

  • Lastly, click save feed to activate your Hootsuite integration. 

Force Platform

Coming Soon To Force. Email for more information!