If you have a contact form on your website, there is a chance that you may experience some levels of spam. While this is annoying, it is also unfortunately common.

We have built our platform to automatically block up to 80% of the incoming spam that you may receive, but we recognize that some unwanted emails can slip through these blocks from time to time.

In response to the spam that does slip through, our Product Team has recently increased the security level for all contact form submissions, to help counter the spam reaching your inbox. 

Over time, we are hopeful that this should resolve the potential spam issues you may be facing. 

While we work on the platform on our end, there are measures you can take to proactively moderate email spam. For example, one way is by setting up strong email filters and using your email client’s (eg: Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) “report spam” features. 

In the meantime, please view the following articles for additional support:

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