Joey Advisor Wants to Generate Leads

After consistently blogging and promoting his content through social media, Joey Advisor is happy to say that he’s been increasing his web traffic. Moving forwards, he’s determined to generate leads to his site, especially after he heard the fact that, on average, advisors with no online strategy have 0.5 web leads per month compared to advisors with a strategy that earn 5 - 20 web leads a month. 


In doing so, Joey Advisor has developed some simple e-books and documents that he wants people to download and receive if they fill in their information on his website. He goes to his dashboard and creates a webform to capture details about his leads.

The AW dashboard gives Joey several sources to create this webform. He can use either the webform builder on the platform or the Salesforce and/or Redtail integration if he has accounts for them already. When people fill in a Salesforce and/or Redtail webform, the lead information will be captured in his CRM accounts.

Once the webform has been created, Joey Advisor places a large call to action on the homepage banner as well as in a prominent position on all his internal pages (e.g sidebar).

During a sunny afternoon of reviewing the questions he received in his email inbox, Joey Advisor gets an idea for his whitepapers and eBooks. Currently, Joey’s whitepapers are simple word documents with his company letterhead that he converted into PDF files. He would like them to look a bit more appealing and professional. Hence, he uses the eBook create template to to build his new eBooks.

Key Facts:

On average advisors with no online Strategy have 0.5 web leads per month compared to advisors with a strategy have 5 - 20 web leads per month

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