Webinar: How to Generate Opportunities Through Facebook Advertising With Social Advisors

On May 2nd, Advisor Websites and Social Advisors hosted an exciting webinar: "How to Generate Opportunities Through Facebook Advertising". In this webinar, Charlie Van Derven discusses the power of social media in attracting new opportunities for financial advisors.  

In this webinar, we explained just how integral social media is in growing your business. It's undeniable that social media has an immense impact on any successful business's brand and image, but how exactly does social media help with creating new opportunities for financial advisors? Charlie Van Derven, president at Social Advisors, is a 20-year veteran of digital marketing and has worked with some of the world's largest brands to help define their digital strategies. Charlie discusses why social media should be the dominant focus of every business's marketing and communication strategy, and why you should embrace the changes in the social landscape and stop turning buyers away. Join the conversation to learn best practices for advertising across your social media platforms to generate more leads!

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