Classic Platform | Force PlatformWhat platform am I on ?

Classic Platform

  1. Click Content on the left hand menu/span>
  2. Scroll down to Manage Menu and click it
  3. Click Add Item
  4. In the Path field type blog
  5. In the Menu link title field type Blog
  6. In the description field type in what you want to appear when a mouse is hovered over the link
  7. Press the Save button
  8. You will now be in the List items section. Drag and drop Blog to where you want it in the menu
  9.  Press Save menu configuration button

Force Platform

  1. A Blog should already appear on your menu. If it is not there go too Apps on the left hand menu. Then click the + ADD APP button. In the pop up you will be asked to name your Blog. Whatever you put in here will appear at the top of your blog page and on the menu
  2. To deactivate and move the Blog link around go to Navigation on the left hand menu
  3. To edit the menu item click the pencil icon next to the menu item
  4. To move the menu item around you can drag and drop the menu item by holding your mouse over the 6 dots to the left of the menu item name
  5. Once you have finished editing the menu click the SAVE button