Classic Platform | Force PlatformWhat platform am I on ?

Classic Platform

  1. Select Design from the left hand menu
  2. Select Logo
  3. Click Choose File button > Select the image from your computer >  Select Upload button ( Note: If a logo is already in place click Remove to get rid of it)
  4. Press the Save button to confirm the update

Force Platform

1. Click the drop-down in the top right

2. Select "Company Information" from the drop down menu

3. Scroll down to the Company Logo section on the pop up

4. Click the UPLOAD LOGO button > Click the SELECT FILES button from the pop up > Select the logo file from your computer ( Note: If a logo is already in place click the REMOVE button to get rid of it)

5. Select DRAFT to save your progress. 

6. To publish to the live website, select "PUBLISHED" or "NEEDS REVIEW" if your site is on a compliance workflow.