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Classic Platform

  1. Click Extras on the left hand menu
  2. Click Salesforce
  3. Click the Sign up button to be taken to your Salesforce login
  4. You'll be brought to a screen saying "Advisor Websites" is requesting permission.... Click Allow. You'll be brought back to the Salesforce menu in your dashboard
  5. You can edit your default form by clicking Click to edit form or create a new form by clicking Add new form. You'll see an Available Fields section and Selected Fields section. Selected Fields are the form fields that are currently in your form. Available Fields are other fields you can choose to add in. Drag and drop fields in and out of the form. You can even rename fields if you'd like
  6. *Note: If you want to add a field that is not listed in the Available Fields you must first create it as a Custom Field in Salesforce
  7. Scroll down and enter a Title, Body text, and Form path. For Form path, you can set this to /contact. Select the Default Lead Source (you may need to create a new Source Field in Salesforce for Website Leads) from the drop down menu. Then, select a rating for the lead from the Default Lead Rating drop down menu. After you're happy with the details, click the Save button at the top right
  8. Once this is complete, you can contact our support team and we will enable a block to bring this form live on your site.

Force Platform

Salesforce does not currently have direct integration on our force platform. To use Salesforce on your website, copy over the desired HTML code for the Form/Widget you are looking to embed. For instructions on how to embed items please Click Here.