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Classic Platform

  1. Log in to your website dashboard. Once you're in, click on the Extras tab and on Redtail CRM
  2. Enter your Redtail credentials and click Save to link your Redtail account.
  3. Edit your default form by clicking Click to edit form or create a new form by clicking Add new form. You'll see an Available Fields section and Selected Fields section. Selected Fields are the form fields that are currently in your form. Available Fields are other fields you can choose to add in. Drag and drop fields in and out of the form.
    *Note: The Available Fields are derived from the User Defined Fields in your Redtail account. If you want to add a field in your form that is not in the Available Fields list, you first must create it as a User Defined Field in Redtail.
  4. Scroll down and enter a Title and Body text for the form. Then enter the path of the page you'd like the Redtail form to be on in the Form Path field. You can set the form path to /contact.
  5. Select the status you'd like assigned to leads coming from the form in the Status field mapping drop down menu. Then, select the list in your CRM that you'd like these leads to go to in the Source field mapping drop down menu (you may need to create a new Source Field in Redtail for Website Leads). Check the Enable Redtail Data Cloud integration box if you'd like your website statistics to be automatically submitted to the Redtail Data Cloud (optional). After you're happy with the details, click the Save button at the top right.
  6. Once this is complete, your form will be in a block that can be added to your website. Please contact our support team and we will enable the block to bring this form live on your site. In doing so, please let us know where you would like the block to be placed. *Note that linking your Redtail account does not automatically replace all forms on your website with those linked to Redtail. Each form on your website must be re-created in the Redtail integration and manually placed on the website.

Force Platform

  1. Select Marketplace on the left hand menu
  2. Press Connect under Redtail Integration. 
  3. On the pop up enter in your Redtail Username, Password and press Save