A properly selected banner image can really create an impact and contribute positively to the look and feel of your website; while reinforcing your location, and target market.  Selecting high quality images from your location and/or featuring people representative of your clients is generally a good idea.

We recommend banner images for responsive websites to be a minimum of 2000px wide by 1300px tall for the best quality image. Anything less than this size (for either width or height) will result in a blurry image.

In order to accommodate a variety of screen resolutions our platform may crop images slightly in order to ensure your website displays properly on all devices.  It is important to select an image that is center focused, or has no main focus, so that the image will be unaffected by cropping.

Good Banners vs. Bad Banners

On the images below, content that is shown in the green zone will be displayed on all devices.  Content in the green and orange zones will be displayed on most desktop computers, while content in the orange zone may be cropped on smaller devices like mobile phones and tablets.

Good Banners:

The following images are center focused and will look great on all devices.

Bad Banners:

The following images are not center focused and while they may look alright on a desktop computer they will not display properly on all devices.

Here are a few resources where you can find some great images.