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Classic Platform

CoPilot is a lead capture product that appears on your website as a live chat button on the bottom of the screen. Advisor Websites is partnering with Copilot to give you the ability to capture leads more effectively on your website.

Step 1: Opt-In

You will receive an email from Advisor Websites. The email will include a button where you can click to opt-in. When the you click on the button in the e-mail, the feature is automatically enabled for you and you'll be redirected to the integration in your Dashboard where you can check out the feature on your website. Once CoPilot has been integrated into your website, you can play with some settings here as well. At this point, the feature is already enabled and working on your website. You should also receive a welcome email from CoPilot's end. Hold onto this e-mail for safe keeping.

Didn't receive an e-mail? No problem!

Send us an e-mail to with the following information and we can e-mail you an activation e-mail:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Website URL
  • Confirmation you'd like to use CoPilot

Step 2: Change settings

To manage your CoPilot integration, log into your Dashboard > Edit site (top left corner), and look for the yellow "CoPilot Dashboard" button at the bottom right on the website above the chat. 

This button is only visible when logged into your website. Clicking on this button will bring you to a sign-in page:

How do I turn this feature off?

There are two ways you can do this:

1. When logged in, go to Extras and look for CoPilot on the list and there's a checkbox to enable/disable the feature.

2. When you're logged in and in the Edit mode (once you are logged in), click on the yellow button and disable it from there.

Where are my leads?

To view who has completed a quiz, log into your CoPilot dashboard and click on the Leads button. As part of this integration, you have access to 1 free lead per month. To access additional leads, you will need to register for a premium account with CoPilot. For more information on pricing, please visit CoPilot's website at

Force Platform

This is a Classic only feature.