Force Platform

First, login to your website dashboard.

1. Select 'Content Library' from the left hand side menu

2. First, look through the content library and choose a piece of content that you would like to publish as a website page. In the content library, there are blog posts, videos, and website pages that you can publish as a stand alone page.  

3. To view a preview of the content, click on the title

4. To add a blog post as a website page - click the drop down arrow underneath 'Use Article'. Next, select 'Use as Website Page'

5. Select 'Use as Website Page' from the drop down menu

6. (Optional) You can edit any part of the blog if you wish

7. To add a website page from the content library. Navigate to 'Website Pages'. Choose a page to publish and select 'Publish now as page'

Please note, once a piece of content is used from the Content Library, it will move under the 'My Content' section of your dashboard. To edit the content in the future, you must search for the content under the 'My Content' section of your dashboard. 

7. To save your progress and to view the update without making it live select 'DRAFT' at the bottom

8. To publish the update on the live website select 'PUBLISHED' or 'NEEDS REVIEW' if your website is on a compliance workflow