Client Profile:

Marketing Matt works as a Digital Marketing Manager for a large financial firm in the bustling city of New York. Because the firm is affiliated with a Broker Dealer, he must maintain a compliant website while meeting brand standards. Matt is constantly faced with the challenges of finding compliant solutions and scalable technologies that can accommodate to his large team. Sometimes things can get a bit overwhelming since he isn’t entirely proficient when it comes to all things in “tech”. 

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Content is King! 

A nice looking website will not suffice if generating long term conversions is the main objective - however, quality content will. The concept that content is “king” isn’t brand new but it is the cornerstone in today’s world of digital marketing.

As the Digital Marketing Manager of his financial firm, Matt understands the scope of success high-quality content can bring. A focus on website content that is unique, personalized, informative and interesting, will surely get him the crown. The only challenges faced by Matt is finding the time and resources to do so, on top of ensuring that content is compliant. As such, Matt decided to reach out to the Advisor Websites support team to help boost his content marketing strategy. 

The Periodical Content Library 

Like most, Matt often found himself struggling to create quality content that also met compliance standards. He lacked the time and resources to maintain a steady output of content. The goal was to do more in less time. 

During his scheduled support call, Matt was given the recommendation to use the Periodical Content Library which, to his surprise, was already included in his current subscription. 

The library would provide him with pre-written finance-related articles to readily publish either as an internal page or as a blog entry. It offers various topics from college planning to retirement, and everything in between! This allowed Matt to not only push out more content but also filter out topics based on his target audience, fostering a personalized touch to the site. 

Classic Platform

Because Matt’s firm was affiliated to a BD, the content that he was provided had already been pre-approved. All he needed to do was select which articles he wished to publish.  



The AdvisorStream integration works by placing a curated news feed on Matt’s website. Matt was simply required to select which type of news he wanted the feed to include. Once completed, the integration would automatically choose the most relevant news and updates to present. 

Classic Platform

Content Diversification 

Content diversification in both type and topic is fundamental in modern marketing strategies. That’s because people engage and retain information differently. Whereas one prospect may find videos helpful, another may prefer to read articles instead. 

The Periodical Content Library not only presented pre-written articles for Matt but also videos and infographics. This allowed him to mix things up a bit and even give prospects and existing clients a dynamic experience when visiting the site.

Samples of Infographics 

A variety of topics to present can also boost credibility. Matt found it difficult to diversify topics in college planning but with the help of the Periodical Content Library, he was able to publish articles on financial planning basics, budgeting, loans and many more relatable concepts. 

In addition to the articles, videos and infographics that Matt was beginning to frequently publish, he also had news content to offer via AdvisorStream. 

Replicating Success

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