Why does my site say unsecure? 

The https in front of a website is a result of establishing a secure connection via an SSL certificate. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates are used to secure information sent between web browsers and servers. They are not required for websites that do not handle payment transactions or personal health numbers.

However, Google Chrome has since changed the way they display sites without SSL certificates by tagging them as not secure. 

Given this change, we are happy to say that we offer SSL certificates for your websites! 

How do I get https on my site? How do I apply an SSL certificate on my website?

If you are interested in making your website more secure,  we will need to upgrade your website to the Force platform which includes SSL certificates. 

While your new website is being built, we can install a temporary SSL certificate on your live website. 

Please contact our team - support@advisorwebsites.com - to get this process started. 

Note that SSL certificates on Legacy websites take approximately 7-10 business day to install and will only be provided when a Force upgrade package has been purchased. 

*Please note that it is not possible for us to install SSL certificates from any 3rd party sources