Classic Platform | Force PlatformWhat platform am I on ?

Legacy Platform

  1. Login to your website dashboard by following this format:

  2. Once you are logged in, select the ‘Content’ tab on the far left hand side

  3. Once you are brought to the ‘Content’ section of your website dashboard, select the ‘Team’ tab 

  4. You can either select the name of the advisor under ‘title’ or select the ‘edit’ button under ‘options’

  5. Once you are in the edit view of the team member, you can change their email address and either ‘save & submit to compliance’ or ‘publish’

Force Platform

  1. First, login to your website dashboard 

  2. Select ‘My Content’ from the far left hand side

  3. Go to 'Our Team' and find the team member you would like edit. Select 'Edit'.

  4. Next, you will be able to change or enter in the contact info of the team member in the fields, as shown below.

  5. To save your progress, select DRAFT

  6. To publish to your live website, select "PUBLISHED" or "NEEDS REVIEW" if you are on a compliance workflow.