Keeping your bio up to date ensures that your clients and potential clients are able to learn about you before they decide to reach out. A new prospect is more likely to reach out if you can create a meaningful connection with them through your ‘About’ page. Your goal should be to help them feel comfortable and confident knowing you will be able to help them with their needs. New prospects want to know why and what you are doing, how long you have been doing it for, and why you are the best option for them. 

Here are a few tips on how to write a great bio

  1. Keep it balanced between information about you and focused on the client. New prospects are reaching out to your website because they have a need that they think you can fill. If they think you can satisfy their need, they are more likely to reach out. 
  2. Write your story. Although highlighting your accomplishments are important, you want your bio to be a story not a list. Your bio is meant to make the prospect feel as though you have a connection. This is easier to accomplish if you tell a story as to why you are passionate about what you do, which will humanize you more than a list. 
  3. Finish strong with a call to action. If you are successful at capturing the prospect’s attention, you will want a call to action at the end of your bio to seal the deal. This can be a link to a calendar to book time with you, or a button that directs them to your contact page so they can reach out over the phone or email. 

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