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This article is only applicable if your website dashboard is set-up on a compliance workflow.

1. First, navigate to the content you would like to send to compliance. 

2. Select Edit to open the text editor. 

3. Make the necessary edits to your content. 

4. Once you are finished editing, make sure you are ready to send the changes to compliance. 

5. Send the content to compliance by selecting the button "Needs Review". This will send the content directly your compliance department. 

5. The item is now under compliance review. The updates made will only publish to the website once it has been approved by compliance. 

Watch this instructional video for a full overview!

To view the items under compliance review, navigate to the "Compliance Review" section of your website dashboard. 

Please note, any changes made to the website will have to be sent to compliance. 

The content will publish to the website only once it is approved by compliance. 

Advisor Websites has no hand in the compliance approval process. For any additional information regarding the status of an update, please contact your compliance team.