Force Platform

Facebook's API allows our Force platform to integrate with Facebook Pages, but not Facebook Personal Accounts. To crosspost blogs to your Facebook Page, please follow these steps:

Sign in to your Facebook account from your website dashboard

1. Click on the top right arrow on your dashboard to open the menu

2. Click on Site Settings

3. Click on Social Media Accounts from the left-hand side menu

4. Click on the Sign in to Facebook button

5. You will be brought to your Facebook account. Click on Continue as [YOUR NAME]

6. Choose the Facebook Page that you would like your website to post to, then click Next

7. Select what information you would like Advisor Websites to read from your Facebook account. As the warning message reads, the integration might not work properly if you turn off these options. Click Done. The integration is now connected.

Post blog articles to your Facebook page from your Advisor Websites dashboard

Now you can begin to post to your Facebook page from your Advisor Websites dashboard. To do that manually, simply toggle the "Post to Facebook" option when you are adding a new blog post or editing an existing blog post.

If you have Autopublish turned on, you can go to the Content Library > Blog Articles section to access the Automatic Publishing settings again. From there, scroll down until you each the heading Social Media and toggle the Facebook option on. Click Save Changes.

After you have published your blog article with this new setting, it will take up to 5 hours for the blog to also publish on your Facebook page. Please note, if you are on a compliance workflow, the blog will not be published on your website or Facebook until it has been approved by your compliance team.