Advisors on the Expansion Plan and above have access to both the AdvisorWebsites Content library and any associated content a broker-dealer may upload.

There are two configurations that happen at a Broker-Dealer level and apply to all Advisors associated:

Hybrid Content Library (Default) - All content created by AdvisorWebsites/BD is accessible inside of the dashboard. Some content may be marked as approved allowing for immediate posting, leaving content that has yet to be approved still accessible to the advisor but with the requirement it gets sent for review when added to the dashboard.

Pre-Approved Content Only - Only Content that has been previously approved by compliance staff is accessible by the advisor inside of the dashboard, advisors are able to publish this content immediately without compliance intervention.

Types of Content

Article - Content that can be used within the Articles/Blog subsection and accompanying blocks. 

Page - Content that gets added to the Pages subsection, typically standalone/core pages.

Products and Services - Content that can be used within the Products and Services subsection and accompanying blocks.

Global Page - A dynamic piece of content that can be updated through the compliance dashboard, any updates to the content will be published to all sites utilizing the content piece within 24 hours. 

Next Steps

If you would like to learn how to add content, visit our Content library tutorial

If you would like to discuss editing the configuration of your workflow or have Content Creation permissions added, please get in contact with or submit a ticket.