Notifications follow a fallback process to minimize unnecessary emails arriving in the compliance inbox. 

If a reviewer has an Assigned task, notifications will go directly to them -> If Unassigned, notifications will go directly to the compliance inbox -> If no compliance inbox is set, notifications will go to all reviewers on the workflow.

Once a reviewer is associated with a site through assignment, all future tasks for that website will default to the reviewer. If you'd like to remove a reviewer, clicking on the dropdown will allow you to unassign a specific website. If a reviewer is removed from the workflow entirely, they will automatically be unassigned.

As a compliance officer, there are 4 main types of emails you may receive.

Assigned Officer - A notification that you've been assigned to a new site

New Content - A notification that a new piece of content is ready to review

Content Approved (disabled by default) - A notification recapping recently approved content with a link to download the PDF revisions

Task Review Reminder - A reminder is sent to the Reviewer if there are still items 'In Review' older than 3, 7, and 14 days.

Similiar emails will also be sent to the Advisor confirming when tasks have been sent for approval, and when they have been approved or rejected.

To improve the turnaround time for our compliance officers, we've created a dedicated email to expedite compliance requests. To get in contact with Compliance Support, please email or submit a ticketWe've also introduced a dedicated compliance line at 1-866-638-0273 ext.5, if there's ever anything urgent.