Every moderation activity is kept within the Recent Activity section, you can locate this log by logging into a specific website and scrolling to the bottom of the screen.

By default the system will show the 10 most recent actions, pressing "Activity Feed" at the bottom left will allow you to go all the way back up until the creation of the site.

Moderation actions include Needs Review, Approved, Rejected, and Archived. Revision comments will appear on the right-hand side if they were initially included.

Clicking on an item will allow you to view the content, make changes to the existing copy, compare previous revisions, revert to previous revisions, view the content history, and download PDF copies of approved versions.

To improve the turnaround time for our compliance officers, we've created a dedicated email to expedite compliance requests. To get in contact with Compliance Support, please email compliance@advisorwebsites.com or submit a ticketWe've also introduced a dedicated compliance line at 1-866-638-0273 ext.5, if there's ever anything urgent.